Tutti i benefici dell'Aloe Vera

All the benefits of Aloe Vera

All the benefits of aloe vera

Aloe has been considered a sort of natural healer since ancient times. It is a perennial African plant with fleshy leaves that contain within them a healing gel from many points of view: both ingested in the form of a drink and applied to the skin or hair.
Aloe juice contains saccharides, saponins and plant sterols, 12 vitamins including A, B, C, D, E, enzymes necessary for all vital processes, 18 amino acids out of the 20 necessary for humans and 20 minerals including calcium, chromium , iron, phosphorus, magnesium, manganese, potassium, sodium and zinc whose combined action allows a more powerful effect than that which could be obtained from the activity of the individual components ...A real wellness cocktail!

The benefits of aloe vera on the body

What benefits does the epidermis have when we apply an aloe vera product? It is possible to summarize eight benefits of aloe vera for eight uses suggested and chosen from the countless properties of the plant on our body.

First of all, it works as a natural soothing agent : it offers relief from insect, jellyfish and nettle bites, in addition to its best-known use on sunburn and more.

But the "medicinal" properties do not end there: aloe vera is a bactericide , suitable for example for dental hygiene. It is also an excellent natural antibiotic .

Few people know that this fantastic plant also has coagulating properties : aloe vera-based products can be used to facilitate the repair of tissues and membranes and to accelerate the healing of wounds, eczema and blisters.

The benefits of aloe vera on the face

Going into more detail, aloe vera-based products are a panacea for the face, thanks to some particularly suitable properties.

For example, its use gives rise to a dermoprotective, hydrating and emollient action : for this reason it is perfect for use immediately after hair removal or as an aftershave. Its composition facilitates the closing and nourishment of the skin pores, thus avoiding redness or folliculitis.

At the same time, it has anti-aging properties , thanks to the stimulating action of collagen and elastin synthesis. Aloe vera-based products are also perfect for alleviating wrinkles around the eyes thanks to the presence of vitamin C and E which, together with antioxidant trace elements, counteracts free radicals and the effects of aging on the skin.

The benefits of aloe vera on hair

Aloe vera also has specific properties for the hair , taking care of it effectively, protecting the scalp from baldness and dandruff, and making the hair shiny and healthy.

Last, but not least, it improves circulatory and lymphatic flow , giving relief to the legs and ankles during the summer season or in case of excessive tiredness.

A product that truly responds to the needs of all ages, from those who want to reduce wrinkles to those who want to take care of signs due to acne, for those who suffer from dandruff or for those who want shiny hair with aloe gel compresses before shampoo. Many uses directly from nature.

Aloe Vera for the little ones

Aloe Vera for baby's skin is a safe and obviously completely natural substance. Here are some cases in which it is possible to use Aloe Vera-based products in children.

  1. It is possible to use creams or preparations based on Aloe Vero for baby's eczema. Eczema can inflame the skin, cause itching and red spots. Allergies and a weak immune system can make eczema easier to develop or make the condition worse. In these cases you can use natural remedies for baby's skin without side effects, such as products based on Aloe Vera. In the meantime, you can also take measures to strengthen your immune system.
  2. You can use creams or preparations based on Aloe Vero to treat small cuts, burns and bruises. Aloe also has the property of soothing the itching of the baby's skin that occurs due to mosquito bites or insect bites.
  3. Using Aloe-based creams on diaper rashes can provide quick relief for the newborn.

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