La famiglia de i Santi di Diso si allarga

The family of the Saints of Diso expands

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Today we present Federico Cafaro, a new alchemist from the Saints of Diso.

Federico Cafaro is a new scientific member of the team. Biologist and nutritionist, he spends his days in the wonderful city of Lecce. In his practice, Federico meets his patients, passionately researches and studies the harmony between body and spirit.

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He believes in his work and in the value of the i Santi di Diso brand, for which he offers his observations and responds to the health and well-being needs of his customers. He shares with the team the love for the Mediterranean and the holistic approach to personal care because he is firmly convinced that external beauty starts from deep inside, from the organism. Lifestyle and correct nutrition are the first beauty treatments.

Every day he puts his great preparation at the service of our company and of all those who choose our cosmetics and nutraceuticals.

We thank Federico and his knowledge.

  1. Hi Federico, what is your role in the company?

I join the Saints of Diso as a nutritional biologist, researcher in the field of nutraceuticals and formulator of products with high nutritional power.

  1. What is your mission? What brings you closer to the Santi di Diso brand?

The philosophy of the Saints of Diso immediately captured me: a holistic approach to the person and the environment that surrounds him. The sectoral vision of the scientific world and personal care is, to date, an outdated idea. Cosmetics, nutraceuticals, biology, nutrition, cuisine, environment and territory are no longer aspects to be addressed separately, but rather must merge in a synergy that amplifies the final result.

  1. How important is it to talk about nutrition today?

 Talking about nutrition is not important, it is fundamental.
Today, any time you turn on the television you can find a nutrition-themed programme; every newspaper has its column dedicated to nutrition; on the internet it is one of the most searched for topics while debates rage on social media.
The more scientific knowledge advances, the more nutrition becomes of capital importance not only in the psychophysical well-being of the person but also in the protection of the environment that surrounds them".

  1. The food of health is the food of beauty: do you agree?

 Ann Wigmore, a famous advocate of the concept of holistic health, stated “Food can be either the healthiest and most powerful form of medicine or the slowest form of poison”.
A healthy, well-nourished and hydrated body is a toned, responsive, slim and luminous body.

  1. Nutrition, sport and natural cosmetics: is this the perfect alchemy?

 Nutrition, sport, natural cosmetics and I would also add targeted nutraceuticals, sleep and stress management are the most important factors that we can modulate to get the best out of our lives and best preserve our health.

Noemi Rizzo

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