Come Utilizzare Il Gel Puro Di Aloe

How to Use Pure Aloe Gel


Truly suitable for everyone, it has wonderful properties for all skin types from the driest, most dry or irritated to oily and impure ones.
Rich in vitamins and polysaccharides, aloe gel is a remedy for various skin problems such as inflammation, sunburn, the presence of blackheads, dryness, abrasions since the dawn of time.
It is extracted directly from the leaves of the plant from which a fresh juice is obtained which is gelled with natural agents to obtain a 100% pure product with multiple properties: hydrating, soothing, rebalancing, purifying and protective.
The Saints of Diso have chosen to grow Aloe Vera directly in Salento, in Marittima di Diso, with the utmost respect in cutting and extracting the precious gel from the leaves. A bond, the one with plants, founded on the most absolute respect between earth, man and the divine. Only by acting in this way can nature truly repay us with its benefits.

How to best use Aloe gel

For deep hydration, apply aloe gel generously to your cleansed face. Use it as your only moisturizer if your skin is impure or oily.
Aloe gel is also a valid substitute for after-sun after a long day at the beach.
Mixed with a few drops of Herbal Oil, you obtain an excellent product to use as a purifying and rebalancing leave-on mask to use in the evening before going to sleep, applying a layer on the skin and letting it penetrate.
For irritated, dry or itchy scalp, aloe gel can help mixed with a few drops of sweet almond oil to obtain a pre-shampoo compress, applying and massaging the mixture obtained on the scalp with circular movements and leaving it on for at least one hour before proceeding with washing.
Finally, use it as a styling product to define curly or wavy hair before drying with a hairdryer and diffuser.
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