Come Utilizzare La Crema Corpo

How to Use Body Cream


A product that provides hydration and nourishment with a light and melting texture.
Rich in organic Aloe vera grown in Salento , vegetable oils of olive, sweet almond, apricot, wheat germ and shea butter, the body cream from the Pierangelo Maffeis line has hydrating and emollient properties, making the skin perfectly hydrated and soft and, thanks lavender extract has a purifying and rebalancing action.

How to use it best

Apply the cream every day all over the body immediately after cleansing, massaging with circular movements from bottom to top until completely absorbed. To treat the driest areas you can add a few drops of sweet almond oil to the quantity of cream taken and massage these areas until completely absorbed.

Our advice:

you can also use this cream as a substitute for face cream to obtain a night mask in case of very dry skin.
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