Le regole della doccia perfetta: i consigli de i Santi di Diso per detergere la nostra bellezza.

The rules of the perfect shower: the advice of the Saints of Diso to cleanse our beauty.

Cleansing the face, body and hair is a daily action that is part of our normal routine: we do it even without thinking about it!
Our relationship with the shower changes based on everyone's needs and preferences and, thus, we have those who prefer to wash their body and hair at the same time, those who prefer to do it "in pieces" without using the shower and, again, those don't wash your hair every day...
It is our skin and scalp type that dictates the rules of our cleansing.
Those with oilier hair prefer to shampoo every day unlike those with drier and drier hair but... what are the best practices when it comes to cleansing?
We at the Saints of Diso care about skin protection and, every day, we search for methods and ingredients in the great pantry of the Mediterranean, to cleanse, hydrate and protect everyone's face, body and hair.
Follow our advice to have healthy and beautiful skin.
Although it may represent a great ritual of well-being and relaxation, a hot shower is bad for you! Using very hot water when showering dehydrates the skin and flakes it.
Daily showers taken with soaps rich in aggressive surfactants can dehydrate the skin and hair. Cleansing is a fundamental phase of our skin care: if we do it incorrectly we alter the skin barrier.
What risk do you run? We make the skin uneven and unprepared to receive subsequent hydration with body cream or vegetable oil.
If we are used to showering every day, then, we choose to use products with a balanced and delicate formula of surfactants of plant origin, such as our tra due mare line .
The face does not have the same needs as the body: let's not cleanse them in the same way, rather let's bring our beauty routine for the face into the shower.
Remember to hydrate your body immediately after showering , even when your skin is still a little damp.
At this moment the skin is ready to receive all the hydration and nourishment it needs to be elastic and luminous. Try our wellness line oils on damp skin... taking care of your body with natural ingredients restores your... natural beauty!