i Santi di Diso takes care of nature, which is why it uses new sustainable packaging and reduces the use of packaging while respecting the environment and its precious ecosystem.

Because less is better.

Did you know that

Does the availability of recycled plastic, instead of virgin raw material, generate benefits in CO2 emissions into the atmosphere?

Thanks to recycling, emissions of 870 thousand tonnes were avoided in 2021 , equal to the emissions produced by 1017 return flights. Rome Tokyo!

And did you know that the process of recycling plastic requires less energy than producing virgin plastic?

In 2020, energy savings were 10,867 Gigawatt hours (+11.5% compared to 2020)!

The new packaging

Recycled plastic retains the properties of the original material and is versatile, lightweight and very resistant.

Our amber bottles then protect the contents from light and from the risks of alteration of the formulas.

The glass

The ideal material for storing cosmetic products. Unalterable, inert, durable and 100% recyclable.

It resists atmospheric or chemical agents, protecting the contents from any type of alteration.

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